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Fabric Flowers for Mom

Happy Tuesday!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined in on the Bo Bunny hop!

I really enjoyed all your comments, reading your wishes and am thankful for all the new followers!!

It was fun to read about your Mother's Day wishes or wishes for another seems we all have the basic wish though for time with our loved ones. {and a new camera and scrapbook supplies!LOL}

And I can help with the wish for scrapbook supplies by announcing the winner of the prize I posted...however I'm going to make you read to the end of the blog post...lolol {gotta keep you around a bit more! ;-)}

Spring has definitely arrived at my house in the form of sinus infections and new flowers to plant. What a lovely combo! I'm hoping by this weekend this silly infection will have found a new residence because I am tired of it.

And I should clarify I love flowers..absolutely LOVE flowers. However sometimes they and pollen + mold are not my friends. So for all those like me who love and adore's the link to the newspaper story for
my Spring Fabric Flowers that were shown this weekend in the St.Louis post.

Here's the photo tutorial for you to follow along with the posted instructions:


Templates – Available on my blog

Small piece of felt in a coordinating color
Needle and coordinating thread
Pin back
Beads, buttons or items for center
Fabric glue (optional)

1) Cut out the number of flowers needed as indicated on the templates in your chosen fabrics. (right click on the flower template. Chose "Save As" and reopen in a print program and resize as needed)

For these flowers I used one or two fabrics, however you can mix the fabrics any way you like. Consider adding in vintage lace or tulle as other options. For these flowers I cut 8-10 shapes out.

2) Once the flowers are cut, fold the flower in half than then in half one more time.

3) Then stack all the flowers together with the points at one end. I turned the flowers so that the openings from the folding change from one side to the other as I stack them. Once the flowers are stacked, thread your needle with a coordinating thread, then sew through the very tip of all the flowers connecting them together.

4) Cut a small circle from the felt fabric. This will be the base for the flowers and what you will sew the flower onto.

5) Now that the flowers have been stacked and sewn together at the point, sew the point onto the center of the felt circle. Continue sewing the center points down onto the felt.

6) Once you have secured the flower onto the felt base it’s time to move around the petals of the flowers to shape them into the flower you like. There’s really no wrong way to do this and each flower will look just a bit different depending on how you arrange the petals.

7) Some of the petals you may prefer to stitch down to the felt to hold them in a certain spot. If so use a small, discreet stitch through the flower and the felt base.

8) You can add a bit of detail to the flowers by including some beads, pearls or buttons to the centers. Just use a thread and needle to stitch them to the flowers. You can also use the Fray Check on the fabric if the fraying is something you'd prefer not to have.

9) Once you have made the flower consider adding ribbon leaves. Simply take a short length of ribbon about 3 inches long. Fold in half and gather at the cut end. Stitch the cut end onto the backside of the felt base.

10) Next sew on the pin back. This works perfect for clothing, handbags and clutches so that you have the freedom of moving around the flowers and also don’t have to worry about them making it through the laundry.

This is just one way to make a fabric flower….and one variation of this type of flower!
These flowers are perfect for not only your clothes, but your hair, bracelets, necklaces, purses, home d├ęcor…after all flowers are everywhere!I added a larger one to a plain headband!
You can also pin these to a skirt...cardigan and if you want to get really creative....after making a few...back them on a larger piece of felt and attach jump rings and chain to make a necklace!
The skies the limit with flowers....enjoy and holler if you have any questions! I'll do my best to I learned it's a bit of trial and error and just playing with the fabrics and flowers.
You can also google "fabric flowers" and see more fabulous ideas...mix and match to make you own style too!
Okay it's time to announce the Mama-razzi blog hop winner...

Viji Siddharth said...
on my mother day wish list is just some extra sleep and chocolate from baby is just 10 mths old!!! i would love love love to win the giveaway! awesome goodies! thanks for the chance! you have a lovely blog! and love your project..cant wait to read the instructions!
4/30/2010 09:55:00 AM
Congrats congrats! Please email me at with your mailing information!
Thanks everyone....tune in this week for more Mother's Day craft ideas...

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