Friday, October 3, 2014

Please Join the Hands-on-Heart Breast Cancer Pillow Drive!

hands on heart post mastectomy pillow  drive

Hands on Heart is a month long Charity Drive to Benefit Breast Cancer Awareness and is supported by Fairfield, and

While there are many ways to treat and overcome cancer, many cases require single or double mastectomies. This surgery, both incredibly invasive and traumatizing, requires long hours of uncomfortable recovery. The Hands-on-Heart Breast Cancer Pillow is specifically designed to help alleviate some of that discomfort by fitting neatly into the space between the patient’s arm and chest, protecting the sensitive area from bumps and undue pressure. How cool is that?

breast cancer pillow drive post mastectomy  heart pillow 

The Hands-on-Heart Breast Cancer Pillow Drive calls for anyone and everyone to make and send in this incredibly easy-to-make pillow to be donated to the American Cancer Society through the American Sewing Guild of Chicago. 

The pillow is simple enough that anyone can sew it, children and adults, of any skill level. 

As a thank-you, anyone who sends in a pillow will be automatically entered to win $250.00 in prizes from Fairfield. This is a wonderful activity for parents to do with their children, sewing guilds to make together, or any crafty man or woman looking to help a good cause!

Click here for more info and your free pattern!

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