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CraftArtEdu - 30% Off Donna Kato Polymer Clay Classes This Weekend

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Sparkle Beads 

Work with glitter, rhinestones and polymer clay to create a colorful sparkle-fest bracelet!

These beads are perfect for just about every occasion and so much fun to make! And you can make them with large grommet holes or regular-sized holes.

I'll guide you step by step through:
  • making your base beads (consistent in size)
  • the ins and outs of working with fine glitter (yes, it's a bit messy but well worth it!)
  • embedding rhinestones into your beads
  • assembling your finished bracelet
Be sure to make extra beads as you go so you can mix and match them up with other beads in your collection!

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Beginner and Above | $20 | $14 with coupon!

Rock Pendants 

In this two-part class, I share my secrets for making these stunning, graphic pendants! 

You'll learn how to make these five flat-backed cabochon pendants (which are very comfortable to wear):
  • Antiqued Vertical Waves
  • Horizontal Waves with Textured Top
  • Window with Waves in Embossing Powder Rock
  • Skinner Blend Rock
  • Two-Color Rock with Vertical Waves
There's so much variety in this class! You'll create smooth, shiny, antiqued and textured finishes. You'll use flat colors, Skinner blends and a simple stone imitation. 

You will also learn many useful techniques including how to:
  • Sculpt and shape a base cabochon out of scrap clay (the size is up to you!)
  • Create the center "window" and wavy patterns
  • Selectively texture certain sections
  • Make the simple stone imitation
  • Finish the back with a simple, elegant hanger
Once you've mastered all of this, you'll be able to take what you learn, move forward and make your own gorgeous variations!

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Advanced Beginner | $30 | $21 with coupon!

Split Pod Pin

This pin is fun to make and wear!

In this two-part class, you'll learn how to create an elegant pin that I encourage you to customize with your own favorite colors and canes. It includes two tapered split pods – which actually start as whole forms and are then divided so technically they're quarter pods.

The element that connects the pods is the Zipper Cane. Instructions for making this cane are also included in the class, and you'll learn how to add the neat pin back finding.

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Intermediate | $25 | $17.50 with coupon
Faux Bone Pendant

Imitating natural materials is very popular in polymer clay! In this class, I'll show you how to make a simple imitation bone pendant upon which an image will be transferred.

After you learn this nifty technique, you'll be able to use it in so many unique and interesting ways!

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Beginner | $12 | $8.40 with coupon!
Flower Ring

Rings are a passion of mine! When I posted a few images of my most recent rings on Facebook, several people said, "Make a class!" So I did, and it's quite comprehensive with the goal of taking your ring making to anew level.

I picked the Mission Style Base because it has so many advantages. It's squared off (so it sits perfectly on my dresser), it doesn't twist on the finger, and design-wise, it's quite versatile yet very strong. In addition to the flower version, you'll also learn how to make the fun stacking rings shown above.

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Intermediate | $45 | $31.50 with coupon!

Inclusions in Polymer Clay: Embossing Powders

Make this simple yet stunning choker while learning how to work with inclusions!

An inclusion is simply any material that is mixed directly into your polymer clay, and in this comprehensive three-part class, I'll show you the ins and outs of incorporating embossing powders. They are easy to use, give your clay a unique and very interesting look, and you can experiment with so many different colors. I'll show you how to make:
  • a one or two-color Donut Bead
  • Disc Beads
  • Tube Bead Spacers
  • Bead Caps
  • Bronze Age Beads
You'll finish by assembling your choker and securing your clasp with buna cord closures. I include three different design options using the components made in this class so you can easily make this your own!

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Advanced Beginner | $40 | $28 with coupon!

 Starry Night Cane

This cane started as way for me to use the colorful bits of clay that I've accumulated over time – good usable bits of clay in so many colors. Just sort your clay bits into different color families, and you'll have the start of your own Starry Night Cane!

No two will be the same – some monochromatic, some with more contrast. This cane is a great addition to your polymer clay techniques toolbox.

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Beginner | $15 | $10.50 with coupon!

Mud Cloth Inspired Necklace

Learn how to make this necklace inspired by the stunning, earthy, bold patterns of African mud cloth!

I'll teach you, step-by-step, how to create a stunning assortment of mud cloth inspired disc beads that can be strung together in a number of ways. You'll learn how to make five canes and my secret for making a dual magnet clasp that is both functional and beautiful. I've also filled this class with lots of tips, tricks, short video clips and more!

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Intermediate | $65 | $45.50 with coupon!

Big Beads

These beads really are big! You can see how big by looking at my choker in the picture of me above. They feature caned bead caps and a central band between the caps embellished with cane slices. Once you've taken this two-part class, you'll be able to embellish the central band however you'd like!
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Level: Advanced Beginner | $36 | $25.20 with coupon!

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Component Flower Caning 

The floral caning in these pieces may look complicated, but they're not! 

Component caning is just caning that uses individual components to tell a more complex story. I've taught this class to many beginners, and every single student was able to create their own lovely floral compositions using this method. You will be no exception! Once you understand the basic techniques and processes, you are sure to find many uses for them - from pendants and boxes to floral compositions that can be framed and displayed.
Preview and Purchase Component Flower Caning
Advanced Beginner | $30 | $21 with coupon!

Take 30% off any ONE CLASS of Mine through Monday!
Use coupon code: treat30Coupon will only work if there is one class in your cart.
Offer expires midnight CT, Monday, September 29, 2014 | Valid on one class only | Not valid with other discounts

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