Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lettering Delights - The Great Clearance Sale

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The Great 2014 Clearance Sale has begun!! Thousands of previously unavailable clearanced items are now back on the site for only 50 cents/each. Use coupon codes to save as much as 50% on your purchases!
Our super cool coupon codes:
  • Save 30% off any purchase of $10 or more with coupon code: SoCool
  • Save 50% off any purchase of $15 or more with coupon code: TreatYourself
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Teachers! This is the time of year to think about getting our Teacher Subscription Service! Get all of the Clearance Product and more! Learn more here! And for those of you who know a teacher who may need to take advantage of this make sure you let him/her know!
Don't forget we have a new promotion that is Out of this World! We have $35 in product that can be yours FREE when you spend $15 between August 1 and August 31st. Learn more here and check out the entire collection!

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