Thursday, August 14, 2014

Beados Review and Giveaway! (sponsored)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Beados. The Craft Mom was provided these products for free; however, the opinions are 100% our own and authentic.

There's a fun new crafty toy out there -- get ready for Beados!

What are "Beados"?  They are the magic beads that join together with just a spray of water. Beados allows kids to create their own designs with beads that stick together using just the spray of water. 
The line features several activity kits that include the tools that kids need to create their Beados creations, like beads, design templates, spray bottles, display stands and more. Plus, this activity requires no heat or glue, which is always a plus!

We thought these sounded awesome, so we tested them out.

This is my little friend Annslee.  She's 4 1/2 and she likes to craft. She was pretty excited to try out the Beados kits so as soon as we opened the Quick Dry Design Station, she was ready to get started... and she was quite excited that the dryer and the template trays were purple.

Here she is using the "tweezers" to pick up the beads and place them on the tray. The trays are neat because you place the templates under them then place the beads on top to make the design!

Once the design was finished, Annslee sprayed it with water to make the magic beads stick together.

We then put the bunny under the drying station. The Quick Dry Design Station is a battery-operated fan that helps to dry your creations. However, it is not necessary to have in order to use Beados; you can let them air-dry!

She liked the first one so much that she wanted to make another while the bunny dried!

 And here's the finished Beados! Aren't they cute? They were very easy to make, even for a 4 1/2 year old.

And Annslee gives two enthusiastic thumbs up to Beados!

Product Pros:
  • lots of fun!
  • great quiet activity
  • will appeal to a wide range of ages
  • easy to use
  • no mess
  • variety of sets to choose from
  • kids can design their own templates (via the Beados website)
Product cons:
  • won't stick well if too much water is used (practice makes perfect!)
  • took longer to dry than advertised (but that may be because of the crazy humidity here in Georgia)
  • pastel colors and "girl" themed playsets won't appeal to boys 
We really liked Beados and we are glad that we got to try them out. And now we want you to try them out too!

To celebrate Beados now being available in stores here in the U.S. (including Target,  Walmart, and Toys R Us), we are giving away a Beados mega pack! It includes two sets of Beados and mats that are sure to provide hours of fun.

To enter, just use the Rafflecopter entry form below!


  1. My son just started getting into Perler beads- I'm sure he'd LOVE that he can stick these together on his own.

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