Thursday, June 19, 2014

New "Warm and Inviting" Home Collection from Walmart (Sponsored)

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Color Pop

I wish you could see my living room. No wait -- I'm glad you can't. You see, my living room is in desperate need of a makeover. We have furniture that's almost 20 years old. We have curtains that have served as a trapeze for our cats, pillows that have lost their "oomph", and a rug that I don't even want to talk about. 

However, our budget just doesn't allow for a pricey room makeover. I see so many cute home decor items online, but then I see the prices -- YIKES! So how can I get a fresh, high-end designer look without breaking the bank? All I have to do now is go to! is proud to offer a new home decor collection from interior designer Libby Langdon. Langdon has been featured on TV shows such as The Rachel Ray Show, The View, and HGTV's Small Space, Big Style. She has also written a book called Libby Langdon's Small Space Solutions. Now she has brought her fun, fresh look exclusively to!

Langdon's new "warm&inviting" collection features stylish decor solutions that actually fit your budget. These rugs, throws, pillows, and poufs in great colors, textures, and patterns that will coordinate beautifully with pieces you already have and will give your rooms a whole new look. 

I personally love the orange and navy look seen here. Orange is my absolute favorite color, but I never would have thought about using it in a living room. However, Libby shows how to anchor it with neutrals like navy and beige to make it look chic and fun!

Use navy to anchor your favorite bright color. Shop this look.

I also love how this collection takes the guesswork out of home decor. You don't have to worry about deciding if pieces match -- this collection has done it all for you!

The best part of the "warm&inviting" collection has to be the price. Pillows and throws start under $20 and rugs start under $40! At those prices, almost anyone can afford to have a designer look in their home.

If you need a new look in your home, check out the "warm&inviting" collection. I know I will!


  1. This is great! I love how interchangable they are! So cool how you can get such different looks by changing just the accessories!

    1. I know! It makes decorating easy for someone like me who is "decorating challenged". :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oooh - I love this! The color pops are awesome!!