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CraftArtEdu - Save 30% on Polymer Bead Classes

Save Up to 30% on Polymer Clay Beads Classes!
This offer expires midnight CT, Monday, June 16, 2014Not valid with other discounts

Big Hollow Bead Necklace with Anke Humpert

Learn Anke's technique for making and designing hollow beads out of polymer clay and assembling them into a colorful, eye-catching necklace!

In this very comprehensive two-part class, 
Anke guides you through her design process while providing the encouragement to experiment and play with your own ideas to create a necklace that reflects your creativity. In addition, you will learn how to:
  • mix and match custom colors
  • create your own patterns
  • construct hollow lentil beads (with Anke's secret tool!)
  • distress the surface of your beads
  • assemble your necklace
  • make a beautiful matching clasp 
Anke includes lots of tips, tricks and ideas throughout each step! This technique is adaptable to many styles, as you can see in Anke's variations below. Imagine all the possibilities!

Preview and Purchase Anke's Class
Intermediate | $65 | $45.50 through Monday!

Swirl Lentils: Getting Personal with Barb Fajardo

Learn Barb's technique for making these beautiful swirl beads! She calls it "getting personal" because your fingers are the tools and really do all the work with this technique.

She'll show you how to smooth your beads very finely before curing – to make the time spent finishing them after much quicker and easier! All of the beads shown here were finished with the very same techniques that you will learn in this lesson – such a colorful variety!

Preview and Purchase Barb's Class
Intermediate | $25 | $18.75 through Monday!

Fold It! with Natalia Garcia de Leaniz

What a fun technique to learn! You'll make four different kinds of folded beads -- each with slight variations and Natalia will guide you on color and pattern combinations, as well. When you're done, you'll have finished pieces to create a pendant, bracelets, or brooch. And not only that, you'll be able to play with the techniques learned and come up with your very own designs!

Preview and Purchase Natalia's Class!
Level: Beginner | $18 | $13.50 through Monday!

Graduated Lentil Bead Necklace with Judy Belcher

In this thorough tutorial, Judy shows you how to create several basic millefiori canes in a limited color palette. She also shares lots of tips and tricks to get perfect slices, create a neat flat sheet of those slices, and moves into creating the perfect lentil bead in graduated sizes. You'll also learn how to make a great clasp with a hidden closure that lays perfectly on your neck.

Preview and Purchase Judy's Class!
Level: Beginner | $30 | $22.50 through Sunday!

Scroll Bead Bracelet
with Jana Roberts Benzon

In this class, you will take one of your existing triangle canes and transform it into a unique and beautiful bracelet! These dainty little "scrolls" are a lot more durable and sturdy than they look and once you have this technique down, just imagine all of the pretty scroll beads you can create using your own cane designs!

Preview and Purchase Jana's Class!
Level: Intermediate | $20 | $15 through Sunday!

Inclusions in Polymer Clay: Embossing Powders with Donna Kato

Make this simple yet stunning choker while learning how to make five unique beads and work with inclusions in this comprehensive three-part class. Donna shows you how to make:
  • a one or two-color Donut Bead
  • Disc Beads
  • Tube Bead Spacers
  • Bead Caps
  • Bronze Age Beads
An inclusion is simply any material that is mixed directly into your polymer clay, and here you'll learn the ins and outs of incorporating embossing powders. They are easy to use, give your clay a unique and very interesting look, and you can experiment with many different colors.

Several video clips are included throughout to further illustrate Donna's techniques!

Preview and Purchase this Class!
Level: Advanced Beginner | $40 | $28 through Monday

Mimbres Flora with Barb Fajardo

Make a stunning black and white necklace with open-center Mimbres flower beads! Making these beads is like putting together a puzzle, and each bead is its own work of art. Once you learn this technique, you can create an endless variety of textures, colors and designs to use in your own work. 

Preview and Purchase Barb's Class!
Intermediate | $35 | $26.25 through Monday!

Faux Lampwork Beads with Sylvie Peraud

Learn how to create these colorful, gorgeous lampwork inspired beads -- they are so much fun to make! Make beads in different sizes and color palettes, and decorate them with colorful clay dots and micro-beads! Sylvie gives you lots of troubleshooting tips throughout each part of the process to ensure your success.

Preview and Purchase Sylvie's Class in English |
En Francais
Level: Intermediate | $45 | $33.75 through Sunday!

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