Friday, May 30, 2014

CraftArtEdu - Discounts on Classes This Weekend

FREE CLASS: Creating Wrapped Wire Loops with Jamie North

"Creating well-shaped wrapped loops is arguably the most important skill in jewelry making. Once you know how, the sky is the limit on what you can create."

In this skill-building class, Jamie shows you the basics of creating wrapped loops. Use the skills learned in this class for attaching clasps, making earrings, connecting components, linking or making chains. Mastering this fundamental skill allows you to focus more on the design of your piece! 

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Three more days to ENJOY these offers!

Making Your Own Micro Cutters with Daniel Torres

Why should you make your own micro-cutters? Daniel offers three great reasons:
  • Freedom! You will be able to make your very own designs so the possibilities are endless!
  • It's fun! And this technique is very easy to learn.
  • It's green! Daniel uses 100% recycled materials, so it's not only good for the environment, but inexpensive, too.
This class is a student favorite, so be sure to add it to your CraftArtEdu library today.

Preview and Purchase Daniel's Class
Beginner | $12 | $6 through Sunday

Shadowed Pattern Necklace with Eva Ehmeier

In this tutorial, you will learn Eva's shadow pattern technique and how to connect the finished pieces to make a gorgeous necklace. The shadow technique is quite versatile and the results are always a surprise. For variations, you can play with colors, shapes and patterns; make bracelets and earrings, too! Each piece is sure to be unique.

Preview and Purchase Eva's Class
Intermediate | $30 | $15 through Sunday

Hinged Bracelets with Bettina Welker

This is a big, bold bracelet made entirely from polymer clay! Learn to create this unique hinged closure in this three-part class from Bettina. In the first part, you will learn how to build the bracelet base around the mold, creating the two pieces that you'll use to build the hinge. In part two, you will work on the outer decorative layer and the finish on the inside of the bracelet. In part three, you will antique the texture and finish the bracelet.

Preview and Purchase Bettina's Class in English | En Deutsch
Intermediate | $65 | $39 through Sunday

Folded Pendants with Bettina Welker

Learn Bettina's secrets for creating these lightweight, delicate yet durable pendants with liquid polymer clay and silver bezel wire. The transparent effect is simply gorgeous and hard to convey in a photo. As you can see, the variations are endlessly beautiful.

If you love to make jewelry, but have not yet worked in polymer clay, this would be a great class to consider as no pasta machine is required! 

Preview and Purchase Bettina's Class in English | In Deutsch
Intermediate | $30 | $21 through Sunday!

Intro to Textured Tessellations with Barb Fajardo

In this fun and addictive class, you'll learn an innovative, yet easy, way to create intricate designs using texture tools to make tessellating, or repeating, patterns. First, Barb shows you how to make tiles by "texture doodling" on your scrap clay. It's amazing how many designs and patterns you can achieve with just four tiles! Antique and use your tiles as picture or mirror frames, to decorate a door or cabinet, or even use as a kitchen back splash. 
Barb then shows you how to make domed beads that you will design with textures and other mediums to colorize them. So many striking combinations can be achieved with just one texture design! A great class for all skill levels!

Preview and Purchase Barb's Class
Beginner | $30 | $18 through Sunday

Fold It! with Natalia Garcia de Leaniz

What a fun technique to learn!

In this class, Natalia shows you how to fold polymer clay with a simple but very versatile technique. You'll make four different kinds of folded beads – each with slight variations – and she'll guide you on color and pattern combinations, as well. When you're done, you'll have finished pieces to create a pendant, bracelets, or a brooch. And not only that, you'll be able to play with the techniques learned and come up with your very own designs!

Preview and Purchase Natalia's Class
Beginner | $18 | $10.80 through Sunday

Have a Heart with Donna Kato  

Millefiori is one of the most popular techniques in polymer clay. And the cane Donna shows you how to make in this class is a good introduction to the basic concepts. You will learn how to form the heart, cover it with cane slices, finish it, and turn into a striking pendant!

Preview and Purchase Donna's Class
Advanced Beginner | $25 | $12 through Sunday
Encased Laser Transfer and Inked Pin
In this class, Donna demystifies the "image transfer" process.

By combining transfers with pigment and permanent inks, Donna shows you how to create a pin that only looks way too complex and sophisticated to make. She breaks the process down in easy-to-follow instructions, and include a free basic tutorial that will get you up to speed quickly. Once you master this technique, the sky is the limit! 

Preview and Purchase This Class
Beginner | $21 | $12.60 through Sunday

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