Thursday, May 1, 2014

CraftArtEdu - 5 Classes on Sale and One Free Class This Week

FREE CLASS: Little Texture Stamps with Anke Humpert

There are so many interesting ways to work with polymer clay and texturing is definitely a big one. In this class, Anke shows you how to make your very own texture stamps so you can give your work a decidedly personal touch!

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Make little buttons, charms and butterflies!

Polymer Clay Embellishments with Anke Humpert

If you enjoyed Anke's Little Texture Stamps class, you'll be bursting with ideas as you experiment with the fun techniques she shows you in this class! These embellishments can be used on cards and gift tags, sewing and home decor projects, scrapbook pages and more! You'll learn how to make:
  • Colorful buttons including some that are striped and textured 
  • Love tags to use on cards or as charms
  • Journal tags perfect for all kinds of paper projects
  • Bunting flags and butterfly canes that are perfect for using up older canes
  • And more!
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All Levels | $25 | $15 through Sunday!

Did you miss these recently published classes? Take a look!

Quick Color Confidence: Muted Colors

Muted tones are complex colors that often suggest conservative sophistication. They are more mature. But when not crafted with care, this palette can easily become boring, heavy and nondescript. Through the easy-to-apply techniques Margie shows you in this class, you'll understand what comprises muted colors and how best to combine them for beautiful strong palettes.
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All | $15 | $12 through Sunday!

Quick Color Confidence classes are for artists of all skill levels and all mediums. No materials needed!

Quick Color Confidence: Neutral Colors

Chromatic neutrals are nature's tones. They have a grounded uncomplicated style. Authentic, natural and never gaudy. They are functional workhorse colors and combine easily with so many colors. ~Margie

Palettes of neutral chromatic tones like those found in Japanese art and many interior-design palettes can be the epitome of understated elegance. They can also be bland and boring if not handled properly!

In this class, you'll learn what comprises neutral colors and how to combine them to create beautiful strong palettes. By the end, you'll be able to have your neutral color schemes say what you want and make an impressive impact.

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All | $15 | $12 through Sunday

Everyday Bangles with Dangles! with Donna Kato

These fun bangles are definitely "Kato-style"! They're perfect for everyday and are very comfortable to wear. Wear just the bangle, or add any number of dangles to your bangles!

In this class, you'll learn how to make three bangles and two dangles:
  1. Twisty Bangle – it's the simplest to make.
  2. Runaround Striped Bangle – with a bead connector.
  3. Skinner Blend Plug Bangle – with a caned bead connector.
  4. Heart Dangle   Striped Acorn Dangle – dangles add motion to your bangles!
Donna designed this to be a "foundation" class in that you will learn basic concepts and processes that will improve the overall quality of your work and increase your understanding of polymer clay. Once you understand how the basic bangle is made, you can expand into bracelets that showcase your own style!

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Advanced Beginner & Above | $25 | $15 through Sunday!

Tangling with Colored Pencils with Geneviève Crabe

When you think of Zentangle, do structured patterns in black and white come to mind?

In this class, 
Geneviève takes it a step further: you'll learn how to create Zentangle-inspired art that is rich with color! Once you complete this class, you'll not only be able to create your own art, but you will experience hours and hours of relaxed, creative enjoyment

Using the basic principles of Zentangle, you'll expand your options by adding color with both colored and water-soluble pencils. You will learn so much in this comprehensive class: it's two hours, four parts, and filled with instructional video clips and colorful projects to help you learn foundational techniques including a:
  • Monogram – This technique is great for greeting cards!
  • Feather stencil  – Here you'll learn the impressed line technique that adds wonderful texture to your drawing.
  • Bird on a branch – Animals are a popular subject for Zentangle-inspired art. This fanciful bird includes several patterns and you'll practice your techniques.
You'll also learn how to create thirteen tangle patterns and how to use colored paper for shading and highlighting. 

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Beginner | $30 | $24 through Sunday!

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