Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Big Picture Classes - Free Sketch and Save $9 on "Design Your Life" Workshop

Hey scrapbooker!
Here's a free sketch, layout, and design tip from design diva Cathy Zielske!
Balance and Symmetry on a Sketch
If you draw a vertical line (or axis) down the center of this sketch, your visual weight is equal on both sides. One large photo spanning the width of the page and four smaller photos, two on each side of an imaginary axis equals a classic, mirror-image design.

Balance and Symmetry in Action
Aside from the symmetrical structure, notice a balance in photo choice—one establishing
shot, two detail shots (hands in gloves) and one "personality" shot, featuring one of the
two super cute ball players. Balance doesn't only occur in the physical structure of a layout.
It also occurs when you choose a variety of shots like I did here.
Journaling Tip: It's okay for a story to be short and sweet, as seen on this sketch. When you have an enlargement you love and smaller supporting photos, you don't necessarily need a bunch of words to complete the story.
Design Your Life
This free layout idea courtesy of Cathy Zielske's self-paced workshop, Design Your Life, which ran twice as a 4Experts workshop and is now available as a self-paced class. Your purchase grants you instant access to all 12 in-depth design lessons for just $59! Save $9 through May 29 with code 9DAYS.
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