Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"100 Days of Summertime" eBook Review and Special Offer

100 Days of Summertime 2014 eBook

100 Days of Summertime (which has been updated for 2014) begins around Memorial Day, and leads you day-by-day through the best parts of summer right up to Labor Day. 

Every day offers a task, activity, or reminder to help inspire and motivate throughout the summer. There are activities for kids as well as the entire family, including crafts, to-do lists, holiday-specific fun, and more.

It also includes calendars and a workbook of 34 lists from ListPlanIt.com for

  • end-of-school planning,
  • summer camp,
  • family vacations,
  • party planning/entertaining,
  • back to school and
  • more!
I absolutely adore lists; I have to make a list for everything or else I am hopelessly lost. So when I read about this book, I was excited to get a copy. I am absolutely amazed at all of the "stuff" in this book! It's worth $8 to me just for the printable lists, including vacation packing lists, cookout planning lists, and calendars. 

For those of you with kids, the price is worth it just so you won't have to hear the kids saying, "I'm bored!" I love the holiday-specific activities like Father's Day crafts and the fun ways to learn about things like the Tour de France, Ramadan, and community-supported agriculture. 

And one of the coolest things is that when you purchase the ebook, you are able to try a 60-day membership to ListPlanIt for FREE!

This ebook is an amazing resource, so take advantage of this special offer:
Today is the first day that this book is available, so for today only
get the 100 Days of Summertime 2014 eBook for just $5 (regular price $8) -- no coupon code necessary! This offer is good May 6, 2014 only so hurry!

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FTC Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase an ebook through these links, The Craft Mom will receive a small commission. Also a copy of the "100 Days of Summertime" ebook was provided for free by ListPlanIt for the purpose of a review. All opinions, however, are strictly my own.

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