Thursday, April 24, 2014

CraftArtEdu - 7 Awesome Classes on Sale 2 Days Only

So You Want to Do Craft Shows
with Warren Feld

You can make good money... IF you know what you're doing.

Warren shares his years of valuable experience and business expertise in the form of sixteen in-depth, approachable lessons so you can maximize your chances of success!

Jam-packed with practical, actionable information, Warren's lessons cover everything involved in running a successful and profitable show including how to:
  • find, evaluate and select craft shows that are right for your work 
  • set realistic goals, build a budget and calculate your break-even point
  • determine the amount and type of inventory you should bring
  • price your work and deal with "hagglers"
  • set up your booth for success, including design, layout and merchandising tips
  • handle cash, credit cards and deter shoplifters
  • and so much more.. this class is almost two hours long!
Warren includes lots of advice and helpful resource links, too. All you need to provide is a pencil, some paper, a calculator and your enthusiasm for running a successful, profitable craft show!

Preview and Purchase Warren's Class
All Levels | $30 | $24 through Friday!

Pricing and Selling Your Jewelry
with Warren Feld

Can you make money by selling your jewelry? Yes, you can! Warren has years of experience selling jewelry at craft fairs, flea markets, on consignment, in galleries and eventually in his own store and online. In this class, he shares words of advice and everything he knows about the essential key to success: Smart Pricing!

Preview and Purchase Warren's Class!
All Levels | $15 | $12 through Friday!

"This class is worth its weight in gold. The information is presented in a clear and thorough manner. Warren shares his extensive knowledge in a very easy to understand format." ~ Mary C

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Special Prices on These Classes Expire Midnight CT, Friday, April 25, 2014

It's Like Two For One!

Speedy Glam Earrings with Margie Deeb

If you love to make earrings to give as gifts or sell, you'll love this class! Once you learn the basic technique in Speedy Glam Earrings 1, you'll be able to make a pair of these sheek and stylish earrings in an hour.

Margie's basic design is reminiscent of a four-leaf clover – but, wow! There are lots of ways to change it up! Speedy Glam Earrings 2 shows you how to use the same basic technique with different shapes, sizes and add-on's to make earrings so different, you'd never know the techniques were the same!

Preview and Purchase:
Speedy Glam Earrings 1
Speedy Glam Earrings 2
Beginner | $15 | $7.50 each through Friday!

Save $10!

Sorbet Pendant Necklace with Bettina Welker

Learn an amazing technique with Bettina!

These necklaces feature the mica shift or ghost image technique, as well as a uniquely designed toggle clasp. Unlike color polymer clays, mica clays contain reflective micro-particles that align themselves like tiny little mirrors when repeatedly rolled through your pasta machine. The holographic effects get even more lustrous when sanded and buffed to a high shine!

Preview and Purchase Bettina's Class
Intermediate | $33 | $23 through Friday!

Bugs-O-Mania! Only $10!

Making Fun Polymer Clay Bugs with Iris Mishly

These colorful little bugs sure would make cute magnets, pendants or brooches! To create them, Iris shows you how to combine textures, beads, rhinestones, powders, paints and wire. Play with the shapes and colors and you'll get a different result each time!

Preview and Purchase Iris' Class
Beginner | $30 | $10 through Friday!

Save 40%!

Knitting with Beads 
with Judith Durant

Make this gorgeous little sampler purse while learning five distinct, fun techniques! 
  1. The first technique, Bead Knitting, dates to at least the mid-19th century, and was popular with Victorian era knitters. 
  2. With Beaded Knitting, the bead (or beads) lies on the thread between two stitches. This technique was used in many 1920s purses.
  3. Slip Stitch Bead Knitting leaves a bead or beads floating on top of a slip stitch or stitches. Beads can be placed randomly or in a pattern and are prestrung onto the knitting yarn.
  4. With Carry-Along Bead Knitting, you string beads onto a separate thread that you carry along which allows you to use beads that are too small to thread onto your knitting yarn. 
  5. Add beads to individual stitches with the Hook Bead Knitting technique. No pre-stringing is necessary, saving wear and tear on delicate yarn.
Add these techniques to your knitting toolbox, and add beaded beauty to all of your knitting projects!

Preview and Purchase Judith's Class
Advanced Beginner | $30 | $18 through Friday!

Save 30%!

Millefiori Steampunk Pin with Jema Hewitt

In this class, Jema guides you through the process of making this fun millefiori-layered pin.The fun of steampunk is that you can use whatever odds and ends you happen to have on hand, so feel free to improvise with the materials!

Jema breaks this project out into several easy-to-follow steps, and includes lots of tips and tricks. The layers of canes create a beautiful fantasy effect, and the iridescent motifs will shimmer and appear magically! Plus, you can even make some ribboned pendants with your leftover scraps.

Preview and Purchase Jema's Class
Beginner | $15 | $10.50 through Friday!

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Special Prices on These Classes Expire Midnight CT, Friday, April 25, 2014

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