Saturday, March 29, 2014

Big Picture Classes - "Sketch Solutions" Class with Free eBook

A sketch provides a solid foundation for a scrapbook page, so you can create a well-balanced design in less time—every time.
Meet Donna Jannuzzi, eBook author, master scrapbooker, and sketch enthusiast. She's here to help you unlock the power of sketches in her new 4-week workshop!

Sketch Solutions
Donna says:
"I've been using sketches as the foundation for my scrapbook pages for 7 years now. During my new Sketch Solutions class, I'll be sharing my best secrets, tips, and tricks that allow me to scrapbook faster, and in a way that allows me to focus on the fun aspects of scrapbooking—telling my stories and playing with pape—while not worrying about reinventing the design wheel each time. Whether you love and use sketches, or are new to them, you'll walk away with a new appreciation for sketches and 14 great new layouts."

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Donna Jannuzzi
Sketch Solutions
Donna Jannuzzi
4 weeks
May 22
free with purchase:
Stretch Your Sketches
eBook, valued at $7.99!

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