Tuesday, February 11, 2014

CraftArtEdu - Save 20% on All Bracelet and Bangle Classes

Save 20% on ALL BRACELET and BANGLE classes! 
This offer ends midnight CT Friday, February 14, 2014 | Not valid with other discounts.


Heart Bracelet with Jeanne Harlan-Marriott

Just in time for Valentine's Day (or any day!), this cute little bracelet is a great way to get introduced to the basics of needle felting like carding and mixing colors.

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Beginner | $5 | $4 through Friday!

Scroll Bead Bracelet with Jana Roberts Benzon

Learn how to transform one of your own triangle canes into a unique and beautiful bracelet! The delicate scroll beads are a lot more durable and sturdy than they look. Once you have this technique down, just imagine all of the pretty beads you can create with your own cane designs.

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Intermediate | $20 | $16 through Friday!

Save 50% on these classes from Sylvie and Anna!

Backfilled Bracelet with Sylvie Peraud

Learn a wonderful polymer clay technique while making a bracelet: backfilling! The white design on the purple bracelet is an example of this technique. You can also see some of Sylvie's variations below which use the exact same technique you'll learn in this class!


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Intermediate | $30 | $15 through Friday!
Tila Diamonds Bracelet with
Anna Elizabeth Draeger

This bracelet uses Tila beads set on edge with a right-angle weave to create an open diamond design that drapes beautifully around your wrist. You can also make a single strand or strands for a delicate alternative.

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Beginner | $20 | $10 through Friday!


Polka Dot Bracelet with Donna Kato

Polka dots are classic, and this basic black and white bracelet will be a great accessory for any wardrobe. In part one, you will create your bracelet base, make and place your polka dots (love this part!) and make your striped edging. In part two, you will line and finish your bracelet. Prima!

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Advanced Beginner | $30 | $24 through Friday!
Mica Magic 2: Triangle Bangle
with Carol Blackburn

Make a beautiful bracelet in the art deco style using a rich mix of patterns on both sides. Believe it or not, only two colors of clay are used in the project at right: black and gold mica clay. Because of the properties of mica clay, a light and dark version can be made from one color, and Carol shows you how!

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Intermediate | $30 | $24 through Friday!


Did you know?   Fragments of a stone bracelet made of drilled, worked and polished dark green chloritolite is possibly the oldest adornment found. It dates from about 45,000 years ago and was found in the Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains, Russia.
Source: Wikipedia

Bronze and Copper Link Bracelet with Gordon Uyehara
Learn to construct a bronze and copper link bracelet with a toggle clasp entirely out of metal clay in this class. The beauty of Gordon's technique is that it allows for a lot of variation. While this sample bracelet is simple in design, you can easily add your own style.

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Intermediate | $20 | $16 through Friday!

"Chanel Tweed" Ring and Bracelet with Sylvie Peraud

Learn to make both a ring and two variants of a bracelet that mimic the look of Chanel tweed!

In part one, you will create a fabric mold for the backdrop of your jewelry and make a wood mold for the button embellishments. Course wool, compared to cotton thread, looks like it has small pieces sticking out. It was important to Sylvie to mimic this detail, and she shows you how in part two.

This process is fascinating and offers many opportunities for variations!

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Intermediate | $50 | $40 through Friday!


Save 20% on ALL BRACELET and BANGLE classes! 
This offer ends midnight CT Friday, February 14, 2014 | Not valid with other discounts.


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