Thursday, February 13, 2014

Big Picture Classes - Last Day to Save 13% on "Finding Your Photo Style"

Finding Your Photo Style
Photo Fabulousness Can Be Yours
Would you like to express YOUR unique vision, personality, and perspective through every amazing photo you take? And save 13%?
Join us as we look through a new lens alongside a different photography instructor each week.
  • Explore color, open shade, and editing tricks with Maggie Holmes.
  • Have fun with light, framing, and composition with Tracey Clark.
  • Learn about cameras, portraiture, and place with Andrea Jenkins.
  • Play with perspective, light, and exposure with Rebecca Cooper.
  • Experiment with visual storytelling, instinct, and post-processing goals with Elizabeth Dillow.
  • Explore location, faux studios, and black-and-white photographs with Kate T. Parker.
  • Shoot with soul, beauty, life and self-expression with Alessandra Cave.
Did we mention that you can find ALL OF THIS in one incredible workshop, starting Thursday? This is your last chance to join hundreds of budding photographers in Finding Your Photo Style: 7 weeks of creative photo ideas from 7 industry experts.
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Finding Your Photo Style

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