Tuesday, February 11, 2014

21 Projects to Make with Jelly Rolls from FaveCrafts

 Jungle Path Baby Quilt

Ah, the jelly roll. These delightful 2.5" strips can be a quilter's best friend. From pillows to bed quilts to wearables, the possibilities are just about endless.
The best thing about jelly rolls is that ll the cutting and measuring has already been done for you, so you can save time on prep and jump right into projects like the Jungle Path Baby Quilt. Speaking of jumping right in...
Jelly Roll Patterns:
  1. Jungle Path Baby Quilt (shown above)
  2. Magic Jelly Roll Quilt

  3. Ah-mazing Improv Quilt

  4. Jammin Jelly Roll Cush For Your Tush

  5. Sixteen Patch Baby Quilt

  6. Animal Pens Baby Quilt - perfect for baby showers!

  7. Gobble Irish Chain Quilt

  8. Raggedy Basketweave Quilt

  9. Arrows on the Go Quilt

  10. Jelly Roll Braid Quilt - a FaveQuilts classic!

  11. Chervon Tube Block

  12. Cherry Jelly Roll Placemats

  13. Chic and Sweet Hexie Quilt

  14. Boxes of Color Baby Quilt

  15. Cowboy Up Bed Quilt

  16. Cozy Posy Triangle Quilt

  17. Flying Kimonos Quilt

  18. Race to the Finish Jelly Roll Quilt - New!

  19. Twists and Turns Improv Quilt

  20. Speedy Strips Layer Cake Race Quilt

  21. Circus is in Town Quilt - SO SO CUTE!

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